GBPJPY Trade Analysis


Current Trend: Uptrend.


Support Levels: 141.22.


Resistance Levels: 142.69.


GBPJPY Daily Chart

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GBPJPY Trade Ideas

Price action on the GBPJPY is now trading in a fairly steady trend higher.

As the attached daily chart shows, price has recently broken higher and out of a key resistance level. This level had been holding strongly as a higher time frame resistance with three rejections.

Now price has moved through this level we could look for it to act as a new role reversal and support level.

If price can make a quick retrace back lower we could look for new potential long trades and for price to make a new extended leg higher.

Long trades from this role reversal support would be inline with the trend and from a key daily chart support level.


GBPJPY 4 Hour Chart


USDCHF Trade Analysis


Current Trend: Intraday range.


Support Levels: 0.8823.


Resistance Levels: 0.8919.


USDCHF Daily Chart


USDCHF Trade Ideas

Whilst the overall trend on the USDCHF is lower, on the intraday charts such as the 4 hour time frame we can see a range beginning to form.

As the attached 4 hour chart shows, there is now a pretty clear cut range starting to form. There is a clear range high resistance and range low support area that are in play.

Whilst these levels continue to hold I will be looking to trade both sides of the market from both the range high and low.

If price continues the move back lower into the range support level, then I will start looking for bullish price action for new potential bullish range trades to get long.


USDCHF 4 Hour Chart

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