Learning to trade can be very demanding and at times lonely.

Learning from others that have already walked the same path can make the learning experience so much more enjoyable and also speed up your learning curve.

Creating trading podcasts have become all the rage in recent times and whilst there are a lot that will simply waste your time, there are some that will give you inspiration and real help.

In this post we look at the 7 best podcasts to help you learn to trade the stock and Forex markets.


Two Blokes Trading

The Two Blokes Trading podcast is a more lighthearted fun podcast that covers a wide range of topics.

The podcast started out with ‘two blokes’, Tom and Owen learning how to trade and discussing their journey.

This format was changed with the introduction of Brandon, a successful trader who filled Owens role.

Topics vary widely from interviews with industry figures in roles such as hedge fund managers and prop traders, to reviewing trading courses, books and brokers.

A new Two Blokes Trading podcast is released each Monday and I have included two example episodes below.

  • Should I Pay for Trader Training?
  • 3 Trading Systems for Beginners


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Desire to Trade

The Desire To Trade Podcast is run by Etienne Crete who also runs the Desire to Trade website.

Each week Etienne sits down to interview industry leaders and successful traders to pick their brains and finds what makes them profitable.

There are over 200 episodes that are full of insightful tips, tricks and interesting stories.

Checkout two example episodes;


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Chat With Traders

The ‘Chat With Traders’ podcast is hosted by Aaron Fifield

Aaron is a trade manager and trader at a prop firm in Sydney, Australia.

This podcast is a conversation and interview style podcast, talking to a wide range of guests from the people on the back-end, to the professional traders.

The Chat With Traders podcast is one of the more popular trading podcasts that is steadily growing because of its wide range of guests and intriguing stories and observations.

Checkout two example episodes below;


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Rich Dad Radio Show

Most people with some knowledge of the financial markets and managing money have heard of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” books.

Written by Robert Kiyosaki the first book tells a tale of two different fathers and is incredibly famous for how two people look at and deal with money completely differently.

The Rich Dad Radio show is a podcast that aims to give you the very best advice on business, personal finance and investing with Robert Kiyosaki.

Each week Robert Kiyosaki interviews market and industry professionals for their take on the economy, where people should be investing and the very latest tricks and tips.

Two examples of what you can expect on the podcast are;


  • Find Out How Central Banks Erode Your Wealth – Kevin DeMeritt
  • Find Out How Pensions Will Crash The Economy – Sal DiCiccio


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Motley Fool Money

The Motley Fool website has been incredibly popular for some time now for stock traders to get all their tips and news.

The Motley Fool Money Podcast has also become very popular with new radio shows airing each week on stations across the United States.

The shows include a team of analysts from the Motley Fool breaking down all the big investment stories, latest interviews and the latest stocks on the radar.

Checkout two example episodes below;


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In addition to having ‘TastyTrade Live’ each weekday from 0700 – 1030 am CT discussing a range of trade ideas, TastyTrade also has a range of different shows on offer.

Tastytrade operates as a network producing eight hours of live shows each weekday.

There is a wide range of shows and topics that might interest you.

Three example shows they host are;



Tasty Trade

Image Source: TastyTrade.com


Find all TastyTrade shows.


Meb Faber

Meb Faber is the co-founder and the CIO of Cambria Investment Management. He also runs the extremely successful website Meb Faber Research.

Each week a new episode is released looking for investment ideas, investigating real estate, global equities and the bond markets.

Whilst Meb himself runs some episodes, in others, some of the biggest players and investors in the world are interviewed for their take and professional insights.

Checkout two example episodes;


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These days there are many, many trading, stock and finance podcasts, but with limited time we need to be following the ones that will help and not waste our time.

I hope this quick list saves you a ton of time and can help you find a podcast to speed up your trading success.



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