In need of the best stock market, Forex or cryptocurrency websites?

Are you a beginner that needs the best education, or do you need the best analysis and economic calendars?

In this post we look at the best websites whether you are just starting, you need the best charts, the best analysis or the best broker.


Best Forex Websites for Beginners

Babypips School

The Babypips school is probably the most popular free school for traders to learn all the basics about the Forex market.

Babypips introduces traders to the Forex markets and have a huge range of content that ranges from the very basics right through to more advanced topics and trading strategies.

babypips school

Babypips also have a very active forum that includes strategies, discussions on brokers and a huge range of other topics.

Checkout the Babypips School Here


Investopedia Beginners Guide

Investopedia is one of the most widely known and respected websites in the financial space.

To say they are a large website is an understatement.

They are not just a great site for Forex, but also one of the best stock market websites.

The range of topics they cover is quite enormous and you will be able to find everything from how to trade Forex right through to how to invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Linked below is their free guide on how to get started in the Forex market.

Checkout Investopedia’s Free Getting Started in Forex Guide Here


Best Stock Market Websites for Beginners

The Motley Fool: How to Invest

One of the best stock market websites in the stock trading and investing space is; ‘The Motley Fool’.

The Fool has you covered if you want to trade or invest in any part of the stock market.

This site will show you everything from the very basics on investing in the stock market, right through to their best analysis and top stock market tips.

Checkout The Motley Fool’s How to Invest Guide Here


The Balance: Stock Trading 101

The Balance is a sister site of investopedia, but with a bigger focus on personal finance, including the stock market.

The beauty of the balance is that they break things down into a very simple fashion and make the complicated very easy to understand.

Best stock market websites

Whilst you will be able to find everything on the balance from information on home loans, credit cards and investing, they have a very good 10 x step guide on how to start in the stock market.

Checkout The Balances Free 10 x Step Stock Market Guide Here


Best Cryptocurrency Trading Websites for Beginners

Cyrptos4Noobs Free Course

Crypto4Noobs is the sister site of Forex4Noobs and is also run by Nick Bencino.

Cryptos 4 noobs

Whilst Crypto4Noobs has a handy blog, their free cryptocurrency trading course is what will help you if you are a beginner trader.

This free course goes through everything from;

  • What are Cryptos?
  • What is Blockchain?
  • What is Mining?
  • Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Investing Vs Trading Cryptos
  • What is an ICO?
  • The Crypto Market
  • Basics of Crypto Trading

Checkout the Cyrptos 4 Noobs Free Course Here


Block Geeks Beginners Guide

Learning about the blockchain, bitcoin mining, and other advanced cryptocurrency topics can at first seem overwhelming.

Block Geeks has a goal to produce high quality tutorials, guides and courses to simplify what is often a very complicated subject.

Block Geeks has an in-depth guide that starts with ‘understanding cryptocurrency 101’ and goes right through to discuss bitcoin mining and other advanced topics.

If you are interested in Cryptocurrencies, then this is definitely worth a look.

Checkout the Block Geeks Free Cryptocurrency Guide Here


Best News and Economic Calendar Websites

DailyFx Economic Calendar

DailyFx has been around for a long time having been started in 2002 as a free news and research company by IG Markets.

DailyFx is best known for their news and economics calendar and up to the minute releases which many traders rely on in their trading.

DailyFx has analysts that create market reports each and every day that look at and discuss the latest market changes, the upcoming news announcements and the key markets technical analysis.

You can checkout the DailyFx Economic and News Calendar Here


Note: You can also checkout the lesson on how to use this calendar at; How to Use the DailyFx News Calendar


Forex Factory News Calendar

Whilst Forex Factory is one of the largest Forex specific websites on the internet that has a giant forum, they also have a very in-depth and up to the minute news calendar.

This economic calendar is very similar to the DailyFx calendar in that all the fundamental information you need to know before entering a trade and then to manage your trade is included.

Forex factory calendar

All the most important announcements are ranked in both date and severity order so you will also be able to see what the likelihood is of an announcement having a large impact on the markets.

Checkout the Forex Factory’s Economic News Calendar Here


Best Free Trading Charts

MT4 Mobile and Desktop Platforms

MT4 is a hugely popular free trading platform that can be used to trade a wide range of financial markets including stocks, Forex, futures and indices.

MT4 is incredibly lightweight, but can handle pretty much anything you throw at it.

MT5 Platform

You can add your own custom indicators and expert advisors to make your trading far more efficient and you can automate a lot of your trading processes.

The platform is free and can be used on desktop, mobile and on PC or Mac.

Get Free MT4 Demo Charts Here


MT5 Mobile and Desktop Platforms

Whilst MT5 is very similar to MT4 it does have some upgrades that are not included in the MT4 platform.

These include extra time frames and in built features that only come with custom indicators in MT4.

MT5 is free and can also be used on desktop or mobile with PC and Mac.

Most brokers these days offer both MT4 and MT5.

Get Free Demo MT5 Charts Here


You can also read our guide on how to download, install and use MT5 here.


Best Forex Broker

The broker you use in your trading is obviously a crucial part of your trading success.

The difference between a good and bad broker can literally be the difference between success and failure.

Where a good broker will give you great support, very small trading costs and process your deposits and withdrawals fast. A bad broker will send you in loops, have sneaky trading costs that blow out when you should be making money and you will find it hard to ever make a withdrawal.

You can read about exactly what to look for in a broker along with the best brokers to use in your trading here.


Best Stock Market, Cryptocurrency and Forex Analysis Websites

FX Street Analysis

Fx Street has been a major player in the Forex space for a long time.

They are well respected for their analysis, news and economic calendar, studies and webinars from leading market experts.

Fx Street also offers high quality information with real-time exchange rates and charts that you can also use to further your own analysis.

Checkout the Fx Street Analysis Here


Motley Fool Analysis

As discussed above; The Motley Fool is a large player when it comes to all things stock market trading and investing.

This includes market analysis and stock tips.

Their analysis is thorough and includes everything from the best dividend stocks through to the best tech and even the best Marijuana Stocks.

You can Checkout The Motley Fool’s Stock Market Analysis Here


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