Trading can at times be a lonely business especially when trying to learn a lot of new skills for the first time.

A Forex forum can be used for many things, but it can be incredibly helpful at talking to other traders, hashing out ideas and making sure you are on the right path.


Should You Use a Forex Forum?

Seeing what other traders are doing and having in-depth discussion can be incredibly reassuring that you are in fact on the right path, or if you need a course correction and to make some changes.

A Forex forum can also help you find other strategies, systems or techniques you may have missed or not even thought of that others are using and discussing.

It can also help you find things like indicators and EA’s that will streamline and make your trading more efficient.

Today we are going to look at the three best forums you can use to find systems, strategies, free indicators, talk to other traders and even make money just for making new posts.


3 x Best Forex Forums

#1: Forex Factory

Forex Factory is the largest and most popular Forex forum in the world with just their ‘interactive trading’ section having over three million replies alone.

Whilst Forex Factory is mainly a forum, it also has other useful tools that keep traders coming back like their up to the minute news, economic calendar and live trader leaderboard.

The forums at Forex Factory cover a huge amount of topics with most things you need help with being discussed at some point.

forex factory forum

You can easily use the search forum button and find everything from indicators, trading systems, price action strategies to money management plans.

The Forex Factory forum is broken up into the following sections;

  • Interactive Trading
  • Trading Systems
  • Trading Discussion
  • Platform Tech
  • Broker Discussion
  • Trading Journals
  • Rookie Talk
  • Commercial Content


You can checkout the Forex Factory Forum Here.


#2: Babypips Forex Forum

Babypips is a forum with a large base of new or starting out traders. Whilst a large portion of traders are newer to trading, there are still experienced traders discussing ideas, their analysis and latest trading systems.

The Babypips site is incredibly well set out. In the main site you will find free trading education including lessons, blog posts, regular market analysis and a free beginners course.

New posts are made on their site regularly (normally every few hours) and cover everything from trader psychology, technical analysis, right through to money management. They also post regular market analysis updates from their different staff members.

babypips forum


The Babypips forum is very popular and is nicely broken up into clear cut sections so that you can always move into where you need to go. You can also use the search function to find the topics that interest you or you want to read more about.

The forum is broken up into the following sections;

  • Beginners Questions
  • Trading Discussions
  • Trading Systems
  • Broker Discussions
  • Trading Tech and Tools
  • Global Markets


You can checkout the Babypips Forum Here.


#3: MT5 Forum

Whilst the MT5 forum is similar to the other two forums, what sets it apart is that a lot of its forum is built into Q and A style.

The other major difference is that you can earn money in a few different ways, the main way being making forum posts.

mt5 forex forum


You can earn up to $2,000 per month depending on the quality of your posts and how well liked and popular they are.

The MT5 forum also runs competitions where they offer bonuses and cash prizes. One of these is their ‘Best Answer” contest where they regularly have a prize fund up to $5,000.

Whilst this is making money for simply making forum posts, it also means a lot of the posts are generic in nature and are not very well thought out.

You can checkout the MT5 forum Here.



Whilst there are plenty of other forums around such as Trade2Win Forums, EliteTrader, and EarnForex, they are far smaller, less popular and don’t offer anything different from the main three to set them apart.



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