Understanding the different Forex market hours is crucial to your trading.

The Forex market is open 24 hour a day, but only certain regions and countries are open and trading at one time.

In this post we look at the different Forex market hours and how you can use an indicator directly on your MT4 and MT5 charts to quickly see what trading session it currently is.

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What are the Different Forex Market Hours?

Forex markets are open and available to trade 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.

However; only certain regions and countries are open at a set time and trading. This is obviously very important.

Some trading sessions have very different characteristics to others. For example; the US and UK trading sessions will tend to move a lot more with a lot more volatility to the Asian sessions.

This can affect different trading strategies dramatically and it is critical for you to test in your trading.


Using a Forex Market Hours Clock

One of the easiest ways to see if the Forex markets are open, what trading session it is or when the markets close is to use a simple market clock.

One of the simplest and also best Forex hour clocks if at Forex 4 Noobs.

This clock will show you if the market is open, what trading session it is, when the next session opens and when the markets close.

Checkout the Forex 4 Noobs Forex Market Hours Clock Here

Forex market hours clock


Forex Time Zone Indicator for MT4

This is probably the simplest, but maybe the most effective indicator for those traders who just want to know exactly what time or trading session it currently is.

NOTE: If you do not yet have the correct MT4 / MT5 charts to use these Forex market indicators, you can download free demo charts here.

This MT4 indicator will tell you exactly what session the market is currently trading in and the time.

You have multiple options to adjust and customize for what you need such as the colors, fonts, where you want information displayed and even turning certain sessions off.

Forex market hours indicator

A very handy indicator indeed.

You can get the Forex Time Zone Indicator from MQL5 Here


Forex Markets Hours Indicator for MT4

Whilst using a clock on your charts can be handy, an even easier method is using an indicator that is right on your MT4 or MT5 chart that shows you exactly what trading session it currently is.

This MT4 indicator is very simple, but also very handy.

When adding this indicator to your chart you will quickly and easily be able to see the Forex sessions times for Asia, the UK, US and Europe.

When added to your chart you can see what the session is and where previous sessions finished by the different color blocks. This makes it super quick and easy to know both where you are and where price got to in a previous trading session.

You can get the MT4 TMA Forex Sessions Indicator Here


Forex Market Hours Indicator for MT5

This is a slightly different Forex market hours indicator than the MT4 indicator above.

When added to your charts this indicator will show you the opening and closing price for the main sessions in Asia, Europe and the USA.

These different levels are highlighted with different colors on your charts.

You have the ability with this indicator to customize the colors.

This indicator can help you quickly know what trading session you are in as well as where each session has traded to.

You can get the Forex Market Hours for MT5 Indicator From Perfect Trend Systems Here



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