There are many Forex position size calculators out there that will help you work out how much you should be trading each trade.

There are however very few good position size calculators if you want to position size your stock market, cryptocurrency or CFD trades like Gold and Oil.

This quick guide goes through the best position size calculators that you can use so that you are not over-risking when trading stocks, crypto or CFD’s.


Stock Market Calculator

This is a simple and handy little calculator that has been around for a very long time.

This calculator does not select the individual stock or market you are trading.

Instead, you enter in the parameters that fit your trade to find the results you need.

stock market position size calculator

For example; you enter in the trade entry, stop loss, risk amount and leverage.

You are then given the amount you need to buy to satisfy your risk requirements.

Use the Stock Market CFD Calculator Here


CFD Position Size Calculator – Gold, Silver and Oil

You will find a lot of Forex and CFD calculators will allow you to work out your position size for endless Forex markets, but don’t offer markets like Gold or Silver.

This is frustrating because they are some of the most widely traded markets.

This calculator from MYFXBook allows you to calculate your position size for Gold, Silver, Oil, Palladium and others.

Use the MYFXBook calculator Here.


Cryptocurrency Position Size Calculator

With cryptocurrency becoming more and more popular it is very important we have a way to be able to position size our trades accurately before entering.

There are still not many accurate Crypto calculators around for markets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but this calculator from Crypto Journal is easy to use and very detailed.

cryptocurrency position size calculator

Not only does it give you the amount required to buy, but it also shows you the potential win and loss amounts.

You can use the Crytpo Journal Position Size Calculator Here



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